Sept. 1, 2016 Official Newsletter from the office of the President of Vortex Sprayliners, Inc.

Get Ready to get BLASTED!
When someone says "It was a real Blast"  or "He was really Krafty" they are probably talking about Kevin Kraft of BlastKraft, a Vortex Dealer that combines his business of "Dustless Sand Blasting" without the sand with the Vortex and Polyphatic / Granitex Glazes.
Keven really takes on some interesting and LARGE scale jobs, especially 10,000 Gal Brewery Tank Completely coated with Granitex with one of his very first jobs being a 10,000 gallon Brewery Tank.
The brewery company wanted to restore a tank that had been worn and rusted from the harsh winter weather over the years.  Kevin's business was able to BLAST off the rust and old paint from the steel tank using glass beads from recycled bottles.  The interesting thing is that this brewery sold their broken and discarded bottles to a recycle company who ground the glass into beads and sold it to Kevin who in turn used it on this same brewery job that the bottles originally came from. A true cycle of life situation.

The tank was completely super sealed and then the bottom two feet were Vortexed.

The tank was put on on it's side where Kevin super sealed the entire surface one day and then coated it the next day. It was coated with a combination of both the Vortex Spray liner and the Polyphatic Glaze.  The bottom 6 feet (2M) were Vortexed to protect it from snow piling up and indirect impact around the base. Once Vortexed he then coated the entire tank with the 

Once upright, the remaining side that was on the ground was Vortexed and a white coat of Polyphatic Glaze was applied to the whole exterior of the tank.

Granitex / Polyphatic glaze.  
Next the tank was lifted and put in place. Kevin had to come back and then surface the area that he couldn't get to when it was laying down.  The bottom line was an incredible service that only he could do. A true One Stop Shop from start to finish.  The brewery couldn't be happier.
Check out this video on youtube that Kevin sent, it really is exciting to see him in action. 

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BlastKraft is a revolutionary, eco-friendly, surface preparation process that utilizes recycled glass and water under pressure in a dustless blast technology that is tough enough to remove virtually any type of coating from any surface without damaging steel, aluminum, brick, mortar, stone, concrete, marble, cement, wood or fiberglass.... and does so with minimal dust in a safe, expedient manner saving time and money.

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