Types of Projects we tackle:

  • Vehicle restoration- frames; bodies, wheels, any size/any type. From bikes to Bulldozers.  Removes primer, layers of paint, rust, and body filler without warping panels
  • Trailer- any and all types and sizes
  • Municipality- fleet maintenance, snow plows, heavy equipment, dump bed/bodies
  • Industrial- any type of heavy equipment cleaning/preparation for painting; fuel tanks; water tanks; garage/workshop floors
  • Residential- strip wood siding in preparation for painting; decks/patios/driveways.
  • Marine- hull cleaning; barnacle removal, preparation for repainting without damaging gel coat; boat docks
  • Commercial Buildings- graffiti removal from concrete, brick, cinder block, blacktop; cleans older buildings without damaging mortar. 
  • Agricultural- tractors; frames; wheels; field equipment
  • Sidewalk cleaning- gum, grease grit, skid marks, graffiti
  • Parking lots- line removal; clean oil/dirt/gum/skid marks/grease
  • Swimming pool restoration/preparation for repainting
  • Remove power coating
  • Restoration of antiques- revitalizing lawn furniture, metal/stone statues, metal gates and fences to look more statuesque, making monuments look more monumental, and making old things look new.

  • Handles rust, paints, grease, mold, powder coating and other weather build ups.
  • Leaves primer/paint ready surface
  • This revolutionary, eco-friendly process can handle any job, yet it is gentle enough to not damage steel, aluminum, brick, mortar, stone, concrete, marble, cement or wood surfaces.
  • Mobile (we come to you) environmentally friendly surface preparation process using recycled glass in an advanced dustless blasting technology”
  • Since media (glass) is mixed with water (under pressure), which cools the media, metal will not warp.
  • Recycled glass is inert and, as a result, it is environmentally safe. 
  • Blasting with sand is a known cause of silicosis. 
  • Traditional sand/soda blasting is very dusty and leaves a huge mess- everywhere.
  • Soda blasting (baking soda) can either be acidic or caustic which can harm soil in surrounding areas.   Soda blasting can leave a very smooth surface which may require another step as the boat bottom would have to be scuffed in preparation for painting.
  • When blasting with recycled glass and water there is minimal dust and it leaves a nice profile so additional sanding is not required.
  • With proper setup, contaminates left after blasting are contained, removed and appropriately discarded.
  • Dustless blasting can remove virtually any type of coating from any material  quickly and without creating heat or a dust plume.
  • Dustless blasting is safe on steel, fiberglass, aluminum, brick, stone, concrete, and wood
  • Hold Tight 102, which is a rust inhibitor, is added to the water to prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours.  It is recommended that you prime as soon as possible after blasting. We offer onsite priming too.

What We Offer:

Benefits of Dustless Blasting:

A revolutionary, eco-friendly process to handle any job on any surface.


A process to strip any surface, yet ensure no damage is done to the base material

A mobile, self-contained, platform so we come to you to handle your blasting needs.


A technique of blast without making a huge plume of dust.


A system of containment so the by-product of blasting is disposed of properly.

BlastKraft handles all your surface preparation needs... and we come to you....

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